Tekhnologiya i Konstruirovanie v Elektronnoi Apparature
                         N 5-6'2018
    Modern electronic technologies
  • Pseudo-ring tests resolution for dynamic single faults in word-oriented memory. Gritcov S. S., Sorokin G. F., Shestacova T. V. (3)
  • Electronic devices: research, development
  • X-ray radiation during pulsed laser treatment of opal matrices. Belyanin A. F., Borisov V. V., Popov V. V. (10)
  • Signals transfer and processing systems
  • Study of the corrective ability of sync codes for the matched processing decoder. Sadchenko A. V., Kushnirenko O. A., Yurkevych A. G., Sevastianov V. S. (17)
  • The influence of detector's parameters on the efficiency of radio signals with complex phase modulation receiving. Maksymiv I., Altunin S., Bondariev A., Horbatyi I. (24)
  • Thermal management
  • CFD-simulation of impact jet radiator for thermal testing of microprocessors. Trofimov V. E., Pavlov A. L., Storozhuk A. S. (30)
  • Materials of electronics
  • Study on Cu2ZnSnSe4 crystals and heterojunctions on their basis. Kovaliuk T. T., Maistruk E. V., Solovan M. N., Koziarskyi I. P., Maryanchuk P. D. (37)
  • Investigation of band gap width in mixed ZnSxSe1–x crystals. Trubaieva O. G., Chaika M. A. (44)
  • Influence of temperature on optical properties of thin films Cu2ZnSnSe4. Maistruk E. V., Koziarskyi I. P., Koziarskyi D. P., Maryanchuk P. D. (50)