18th International scientific-practical conference
Odessa, Ukraine
22 — 26 May, 2017

Ministry of education and science of Ukraine
Odessa National Polytechnic University
Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics
Academy of Science of Applied Radio Electronics (Kharkov)
Publishing House «Politehperiodika» (Odessa)


Organizing Committee Chairman: Gennady Oborsky, Dr.Sc., ONPU, Odessa, Ukraine

D. Dmitrishin, Dr.Sc. (ONPU, Odessa, Ukraine)
V. Pilipenko, Dr.Sc. (JSC "Integral", Minsk, Belarus)
V. Popovsky, Dr.Sc. (KhNURE, AS ARE, Kharkov, Ukraine)
N. Slipchenko, Dr.Sc. (KhNURE, AS ARE, Kharkov, Ukraine)
E. Tikhonova (Publishing House "Politehperiodika", Odessa, Ukraine)
V. Chmil, Ph.D. (SPE "Saturn", Kiev, Ukraine)


Program Committee Chairman: Anatoliy Yefimenko, Dr.Sc., ONPU, Odessa, Ukraine

Academic secretary: Andrei Sadchenko, Ph.D., ONPU

V. Baranov, Dr.Sc. (BSUIR, Minsk, Belarus)
O. Bondarenko, Ph.D. (NTUU "KPI", Kiev, Ukraine)
A. Bondarev, Dr.Sc. (NU "Lviv Polytechnic", Ukraine)
V. Chechelnitsky, Dr.Sc. (ONPU, Odessa, Ukraine)
E. Glushechenko, Ph.D. (SPE "Saturn", Kiev, Ukraine)
A. Kazakov, Dr.Sc. (ONPU, Odessa, Ukraine)
A. Kobozeva, Dr.Sc. (ONPU, Odessa, Ukraine)
D. Lehovitsky, Dr.Sc. (KhNURE, Kharkov, Ukraine)
S. Luzin, Dr.Sc. (LLC "Eremeks", St. Petersburg, Russia)
V. Mokritsky, Dr.Sc. (ONPU, Odessa, Ukraine)
D. Nika, Dr.Sc. (Moldova State University,
      Chisinau, Moldova)
I. Nevludov, Dr.Sc. (KhNURE, Kharkov, Ukraine)
Yu. Nikolayenko, Dr.Sc. (NTUU "KPI", Kiev, Ukraine)
L. Panov, Ph.D. (ONPU, Odessa, Ukraine)
S. Plaksin, Dr.Sc. (Institute of Transport Systems
      and Technologies NASU, Dnipro, Ukraine)
P. Safronov, Ph.D. (ONPU, Odessa, Ukraine)
D. Solodukha, Ph.D (JSC "Integral", Minsk, Belarus)
Z. Stevich, Dr.Sc. (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
J. Szczurko, PhD. (Military University of Technology,
     Warsaw, Poland)
V. Tomashyk, Dr.Sc. (E. V. Lashkaryov ISP,
      Kiev, Ukraine)
A. Tynynyka, Ph.D. (ONPU, Odessa, Ukraine)


Section 1. Information technology and data protection in electronics and telecommunications
1.1. Computer-aided design.
1.2. Computer simulation and optimization.
1.3. Automation of scientific research.
1.4. Physical processes modeling technologies.
1.5. Mathematical methods in cryptography and steganography.
1.6. Information protection against unauthorized access, detection of integrity corruption of information content.
1.7. Information security management.
1.8. Hardware and software methods of information protection.

Section 2. Radio engineering, telecommunication and television systems
2.1. Modern and perspective radiolocation systems.
2.2. Signal transmission and processing.
2.3. Hardware radio electronic devices.
2.4. Television devices and systems.
2.5. Technologies and communication devices.
2.6. Telemedicine.

Section 3. Design, building, manufacturing and control of electronic devices
3.1. Design and construction of electronic devices.
3.2. Reliability. Providing of thermal conditions.
3.3. Computer-aided design systems.
3.4. Technological processes for production of electronic components, units and devices.
3.5. Metrology. Standardization.
3.6. Structural materials.

Section 4. Functional electronics. Micro- and nanotechnologies
4.1. Functional micro- and nanoelectronics.
4.2. Opto- and acousto-electronics.
4.3. Measuring converters. Sensors.
4.4. Materials for micro- and nanoelectronics.
4.5. Solid-state lighting.

Conference languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Papers (along with the application forms) should be submitted for inclusion into the conference program until 10 February 2017 at <tkea@optima.com.ua> (see the application form here). In order to avoid misunderstanding, it is advisable not to delay send-ing materials until the final deadline.
Make sure that the Organizing Committee has received your materials. If no confirmation arrives in response to your letter with the application, you should make a request to the Secretary of the Organizing Committee.

Notification of including of the paper into the conference program and detailed information on conference fee payment according to the application is sent to the authors during one month after the application receipt by the Organizing Committee.

Formatting requirements are given in the template (see here).

Submission of paper 10/02/2017  10/03/2017
Paper acceptance notification 10/03/2017  10/04/2017
Invitations and Conference program mailing 01/05/2017

Additional information

The papers will have been published in the Conference Proceedings by the beginning of the conference.
The papers will be available online on our website after the Conference and in the RSCI database at the eLIBRARY.RU.

Current information about the conference can be found on the website

Contact information: 
	E-mail <tkea@optima.com.ua>.
		Organizing committee secretary Alexandra Alekseeva