Technology and design in electronic equipment, 2023, no. 1-2, pp. 50-59.
DOI: 10.15222/TKEA2023.1-2.50
UDC 629.5.064.5
Device for measuring signals of conveyor weights when loading a vessel with bulk cargo
(in Ukrainian)
Zavadsky V. A.1, Kharchenko R. Yu.1, Dranchuk S. M.2, Tsatsko V. I.2, Haur T. O.2

Ukraine, Odesa, 1National University "Odessa Maritime Academy", 2Odessa National Maritime University.

In the maritime industry, it is common to load a vessel with bulk materials using conveyor scales. To determine the amount of cargo loaded into the hold of the vessel, it is necessary to simultaneously measure both the current weight on the weighing platform and the speed of the conveyor belt. In addition, the loading process is affected by both the heterogeneity of the bulk material and the uneven movement of the conveyor belt. Therefore, it is necessary to simultaneously and synchronously measure these parameters. The purpose of this work was to develop a device and an algorithm for its operation, which will improve the accuracy of determining the mass of cargo when loading a vessel.
Such a converter is located near the measuring sensor, and the frequency signal, the frequency of which is directly proportional to the output signal of the sensor along the line, is transmitted over a considerable distance without loss of information to the measuring device. The developed device for measuring the mass of bulk material using conveyor scales and the algorithm of its operation make it possible to simultaneously and continuously measure the current mass of the cargo and the speed of the conveyor belt, and, accordingly, the current mass of the cargo. The measurement accuracy was 0.25...0.5%. This device also allows you to get the characteristics of the weighing process to improve the mechanical conveyor designs of the scales.
Testing of the developed device was carried out on conveyor scales when loading the ship with mineral fertilizers. Testing showed that the developed device for obtaining tensometric information and the algorithm of its operation make it possible to control the process of loading a ship with bulk materials using conveyor scales with the planned accuracy, which, in turn, allows it to be used in computer systems for monitoring ship loading.
The developed device and the algorithm of its operation can improve the quality of measuring the mass of cargo and increase the accuracy of measurement, which is important from an economic point of view.

Keywords: conveyor scales, frequency measurement, operation algorithm, sensor, weighing.

Received 11.03 2023
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