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UDC 621.382.002

Laser ablation and photostimulated passivation
of the surface of Cd1ZnTe crystals

Zagoruiko Yu. A., Kovalenko N. O., Khristyan V. A., Fedorenko O. A., Gerasimenko A. S., Dobrotvorskaya M. V., Mateychenko P. V.

Keywords: Cd1ZnTe detector, photostimulated surface passivation, laser ablation, leakage currents.

A new physical method of Cd1ZnTe-detectors passivation is proposed the treatment of crystal surface by a laser ablation (LA) with subsequent photostimulated passivation (PhSP), during wich a high-resistance oxide layer is formed on its surface after the surface cleaning under intensive light irradiation effect. It is shown that the method of LA+PhSP is manufacturable and in comparison with PhSP and PhESP methods developed earlier provides a thick, homogeneous and high-oxide films, which significantly increases the surface resistivity of Cd1ZnTe samples and reduces leakage currents in them.

Ukraine, Kharkov, Institute of Monocrystals of NASU.